At Kids Kampus, children from 6 Weeks to 15 months are cared for in an environment that feels like home. We provide a safe, loving, nuturing atmosphere full of activities that encourage your baby to interact, explore and discover. Our staff is dedicated to meeting all of your baby's needs from feeding and changing, to napping and playing.

There is music through tapes/CD's, and singing of nursery rhymes. Talking to, listening to, and responding to your baby's sounds and repeating them help arouse language awareness. Warm social interactions are kept playful and sensitive to your child's level of tolerance. An array of equipment such as infant climbing mats, excersaucers, and walking toys are provided to develop coordination. At the same time, materials and opportunities are available to practice reaching and grasping. Daily activity sheets keep you informed of your child's eating, sleeping, playing and diapering patterns.